• Consensus Reality Workshops
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    Morphic Resonance
    Perception Shift


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  • Consensus Reality Workshops was a series of three events that explored the potential for communal sharing of realities, considering the problems and violence that are enacted under the framework of Consensus Reality, yet also the instances where this structure may be necessary in order to carry out care.


    Diagnosis investigated this subject through a group discussion that considered this term as that which frames an individual or group experience. Here diagnosis can be physical, psychological, social, political, or take any other form. Participants were invited to join a conversation around the help and hurt that diagnosis may generate, alongside the realities it can induce.


    Morphic Resonance explored the theory that we inherit and contribute to the collective memories of our species. During this workshop participants learned how to develop the skill of dreaming lucidly, and over the course of a week the group’s lucid dreaming was directed towards the idea of morphic resonance in order to access collective memories in the subconscious. On the last night of the week, we attempted to meet as a group in a single dream and connect with these shared experiences communally.


    Perception Shift began with a reading of the text 'Sudden Sobriety' written by an undisclosed author and describing an intangible shift in perception. This was followed by a group discussion around perceptual shifts, both in relation to the text and from participants’ own experiences and thoughts on the subject.


    Curated by Carolina Ongaro & Hanna Kaljo