• we felt the presence of someone else
  • Performance 09.12.2016

  • Jupiter Woods
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  • When we came close to conquering Mount Everest all by ourself, we couldn’t shake off the feeling that someone else was climbing with us. But we were alone, having left our team far behind. We were hallucinating. We even broke off a piece of cake and offered it to our invisible climbing partner.

    we felt the presence of someone else was performed on 09.12.2016 by Poppy Cockburn, Miki Holloway Kaspruk and Cara Rainbow. Each of them had attended Morphic Resonance, a workshop carried out as part of the series Consensus Reality Workshops at Jupiter Woods earlier in the year, where the group were taught to dream lucidly and attempted as a collective to guide our dreams towards accessing primal memories, and to meet in a group dream on the final night. For this performance the three listened to and repeated aloud from an audio recording of the group dream, comprised of moments from each of their own dreams that were repeated across the group. The narrative of the dream is interrupted by notes from correspondence with Jungian analysts about this dreaming process and the collective unconscious.

    Droste Effect


    Curated by Carolina Ongaro & Hanna Kaljo