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  • Vitrine, London
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  • you promised me poems was a solo exhibition at Vitrine, London.

    The central work in the show was an installation that formed condensation on the inside of the 16m window space at set times over the day. It was possible, therefore, to visit the show without seeing the central work if visited during its deactivated state.

    A was performance was carried out on the opening night of the exhibition where a woman named Barbara Monteiro listened on headphones to a pre-recorded interview with her sister, Susana Monteiro, and repeated this out loud into a microphone. In the interview, Susana speaks about her physical experience of Barbara's pain over the course of around a year, when she began to reciprocate Barbara's pain such as headaches, up to a point where she preemptively felt Barbara's pain before it was mentioned. During the performance, Barbara spoke about herself and her own pain in third person by repeating Susana's words, and was given free rein to censor anything she chose not to share with the audience. An audio recording of this performance was installed in the gallery for the length of the exhibition.

    Another performance took place mid-way through the exhibition, where visitors were asked to complete an online personality test titled fall in love again breathing. Once all visitors had completed the test, everyone received text messages stating they had 'not been selected to partake in the performance', except two people who were told they had been selected. These two people were brought up to a hotel room opposite the gallery and were guided through an exercise designed to help couples fall back in love. After the event, the two were asked to complete business reviews for a google business called fall in love again breathing. Their reviews act as the documentation for this performance (here)

    A publication was produced alongside the exhibition (here)


    Curated by Chris Bayley


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